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VPI is an “Oil Developer”

There are strong similarities between a real estate developer and an oil developer. In real estate, the acquire the land, hire the architect, create the infrastructure and hire a general contractor. As an oil developer, we acquire the lease, hire a geologist, create the infrastructure and hire an operator and field engineer.

Tax Advantages

The number one reason to invest in a direct private placement oil drilling project is due to the tax advantages. Domestic oil production is vital to national and economic security. Because of this, the U.S. government has offered tax credits and incentives to invest in domestic oil exploration and production. Oil has offered among the highest tax advantages of any investment for the last 30 years.

Experienced Strategic Partnerships

VPI Partners with geologists, drillers, field engineers and operators who possess over 100 years of combined oil and gas experience. While we strive to work with the best, we are ultimately in control of the project and proactively work to keep expenses reasonable. Afterall, we are investors just like you!

Life on the leases

We offer our Venture Partners the opportunity to tour the leases and to see our operations and drilling projects firsthand.

Bringing the BOOM back to Boom Town

Our current projects are located in Wichita County, Texas. In oil history, this area has been rich in production and the sight of Boom Town, a small town near Wichita Falls that at one time rivaled Chicago for growth and population.

According to the Department of Energy, the vast majority of new reserves come from established older fields such as these.

We are driven by values

We set our standards high. Afterall, we are investors just like you. We started VPI to provide our families and our partners with exceptional projects offering exceptional returns. We were tired of investing in projects where we had no control or transparency and had ever increasing expenses.